Cultural Sensitivity Training in the workplace

Diversity & Inclusion video for Employees

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Cultural Sensitivity Training In The Workplace
Diversity & Inclusion Video For Employees

In today’s #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter era, many organizations are implementing cultural sensitivity training including Unconscious Bias, and Diversity & Inclusion as part of a holistic approach to preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Sensitivity Training is an important step in helping employees recognize and respond to bias so it does not influence business decisions or interfere with their ability to work successfully alongside people with different backgrounds, cultures, styles, and beliefs.

As Canada’s premier provider of Sensitivity Training, we design and deliver Cultural Sensitivity Training to build awareness, and provide remedial training when there has been a workplace issue.

In consultation with the client, we will design sessions to address the circumstances giving rise to the need for Sensitivity Training. HR Proactive has been delivering One-on-One and Group Sensitivity Training sessions for decades. We have developed detailed and advanced curriculum that addresses most interpersonal issues and legislative requirements. Our clients benefit from our years of course materials in the HR Industry and only pay for the delivery of the training.

When necessary, we also deliver Sensitivity Training in real-time using state-of-the-art technology with a live trainer/coach interacting with the participant throughout the session. Our remote/virtual training/coaching style of facilitation is accessed across Canada and the USA.

HR Proactive Inc. wrote the book on Cultural Sensitivity Training In The Workplace​ and ensures all participants benefit from a learning experience that best postures them to move forward at work with confidence where past regressions will not be repeated.

Cultural Sensitivity Training Topics covered in HR Proactive’s Instructor-Led (Remote or Virtual) Session include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals
  • Overt Racism
  • Racism
  • Discrimination
  • Prejudices
  • Microaggressions and Unconscious Bias
  • The Self-Awareness Approach: Mindshift for Unconscious Behaviours
  • Vigilance and Awareness: Bias-free Language, Conscious Communication
  • Exposure and Experience: Learning/Teaching Tolerance
  • Conversations and Feedback: Resistance and Change
  • Tips and Takeaways

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HR Proactive’s video-based training is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.

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HR Proactive's One-on-One Sensitivity Training/Coaching focuses on the components of Emotional Intelligence:






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